The Glory Of the Latter House. By Pst. Ayanwale.

August 28, 2016

The Glory Of the Latter House. 
By Pst. Remi Ayanwale.


Next Level To Greatness by Dcns Bosun Dada

August 21, 2016

Next Level To Greatness 

By Dcns Bosun Dada.

Prophecy Is a Weapon by Pst S

August 16, 2016

Prophecy Is a Weapon 

By Pst. Joseph. 


Grace For the Next level BY Dcn. Johnson Osodi

August 14, 2016

Grace For the Next level 

BY Dcn. Johnson Osodi

Faith For the Next Level By Dcn Johnson Oshodi

August 9, 2016

Faith For the Next Level.

 By Dcn Johnson Oshodi